Splendido a la carte restaurant

If you value exceptional taste and are looking for a special culinary experience, visit the venue, where time flows in a magical rhythm.

Porsche Cabrio for the wedding

If by any chance your dreams include riding in a Porche, here is how you can make them come true :)

ProAction Wedding photography

Take a look at how an artist works. Photographic documentation, filming… with exceptional professionalism.

Kids at the wedding

Dzieci na weselu help all guest attending a wedding accompanied by their children.

Singer and Dj: Krzysztof Bielecki

Many times over has he provided our guests the best time all the way till dawn.

A participant of Poland’s Got Talent. Fantastic energy!

Kajetan Mazur Photography

Brilliant ideas, beautiful photography, straight from a true artist.

Judge the results yourself! Stunning.

Radames fakir

The Fakir and his dear friends – tiger pythons will always liven up the party – rest assured!

Ekspres Bus - guest transport


Mag-Bet Duet

A wonderful duo of beautifully sounding harp and violin.

Contact us for more info.

Odeon Band

A group of young artists full of energy and humour. We strongly recommend them!

Fun guaranteed!

Dj Pro Jack

An experienced DJ full of ideas for a perfect party. It’s contagious!

Can it be done better? We still haven’t found an answer.

Dj Waldek Darłak Superparty

A renowned Wroclaw-based radio host. Full of ideas and musical sensitivity.

Combines all the traits of a great DJ and announcer.

Lady Stars

Brilliant multilingual (Polish, English, Italian, Spanish, German) hosts responsible for making your musical dreams come true.

Red Shoes Band

An ambitious quintet always playing live music.

We strongly recommend their wide repertoire of hit songs!

Other Demention Photography

The name (Another dimension) says a lot, but his works do even more.

Moments he captures will remain unforgettable.

Dj Waka

His work reflects an exceptional passion for music.

With DJ Waka, our guests have had a blast many times over.

Monika and emil Pośpieszni - Wedding Photography

Magical moments captured forever. Don’t miss their portfolio!
A perfect combination of knowledge, passion and skill.